Research-Based and Best Practices Focused

How can we know if MOSFA is achieving goals if we don’t have metrics to measure? 

● Evaluation of MOSFA programming is built into the legislation. 

● Research and evaluation process will inform programmatic design and decisions. 

● Will add to the currently limited body of knowledge on immersive, experiential, and place-based education in outdoor schools in Maine and nationwide. 

● STEM educational experiences related to locally-relevant outdoor heritage provides teachers with critical 21st century skill-building tools (communication, problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking) for their students (NRC, 2011, 2012). 

● Involvement in activities focused on improving one’s community develops both civic engagement and 21st century skills (Zukin, et al., 2006). 

● STEM skills, self-efficacy, career awareness and aspirations, and associated higheducational aspirations are lacking in Maine’s rural youth – and the nation’s (Change the Equation, 2010). 

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