MOSFA Addresses Maine needs and is Part of a National Movement

Maine Outdoor School for All is a part of supporting Maine’s economic and workforce needs.

  • Maine’s economy and employment are based on its bountiful natural resources. The extent to which Maine’s youth learn to understand and wisely use their natural resources today will largely determine their economic security in the future.
  • MOSFA programs teach children about the natural sciences so they can use that information as adults to become knowledgeable citizens and voters. If a child can understand natural processes, then they can understand those human factors that affect the natural process. 
  • “To better prepare Maine students, we must specifically look to help children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve success” (Maine Economic Strategy, pp. 21)
  • Maine’s Economic Development Strategy 2020 – 2029 document calls for Action A1: to address Maine’s Career Exploration. Maine Career Exploration will start while students are in kindergarten and work with students until one year following graduation from high school…The program will work with students on an age-appropriate level to create valuable and rewarding connections to their community, and to explore real opportunities that fit within their individual areas of interest” (p. 22)

MOSFA is Part of a National Movement. 

  • Oregon’s Outdoor School for All:
  • Washington’s Outdoor School for All:

These states already have programs established that provide opportunities for all students at some point in their K-12 experience to participate in immersive, multi-day, place-based, high-quality environmental education learning.

These states have provided MOSFA with their expertise, support, encouragement, and ways that MOSFA can consider this movement with increased effectiveness and efficiency. 

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